RV LIFE Podcast

How to make money while living the RV LIFE

April 19, 2023 Dan & Patti Hunt Season 2 Episode 25
RV LIFE Podcast
How to make money while living the RV LIFE
Show Notes

How to make money while living the RV LIFE. Today’s guests have been living and workamping for over 5 years and will share what they learned. 

Jennifer & Blake make money while living the RV LIFE and they shared tips to help you find work while camping. See below for information and links discussed in the podcast, to find workamping opportunities. 

Today’s Episode Information & Links 

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Workamper is the main site we use for jobs. This site is nice because you can filter for types of jobs, locations, pay or no pay and you can create a joint resume with you and your spouse. They also have reviews from past workampers. Annual membership required, they have 3 packages to choose from ranging from $20-$68 a year.


Work at KOA is another nice site and that recently became free, they used to charge an annual fee.


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